Tell us how much you smoke?

Tell us how many cigarettes you smoke day, a week, a month. Are you a chain smoker? A social smoker? Don’t be embarassed, we wont tell anyone. Be honest, becuase if you fib then you won’t get the right level of nicotine to match your current level of consumtion and then you will be grumpy and nobody wants that.


How long do you want to take to quit?

You can take as long as you want. We like you but we don’t want you as a customer forever. We recomend that you pick a timeframe that will allow you the best chance at success. We recommend no less than 6 months and no more than 2 years. hink about it and make a choice that you can stick with. (Don’t worry at any time you can change your mind and edit your preferences if you want to take longer or shorter)

Start Date:


Pick Your Pack

The Kik Pack is a place to hold your Kik eCigs. The Pack holds two Kik eCigs and charges the second one that is not in use. That way you always have a charged eCig. The pack also holds 3 refill cartridges. That’s the equivalent of 4 packs of regular cigarettes. The Kik Pack also comes with a charger for The Pack itself. It only needs to be charged once a week. Also included is an emergency USB Rapid Charger that charges one eCIG fast – just incase you forget to charge your Pack. The Packs come in black with black eCIG’s and refills but will soon be available in other cool colors. White will be released in Fall 2015.

Kik Pak


Pick Your Flavor

We have several Kik flavors to choose from. All are made with 100% organic nicotine, extracted from 100% organic american tobacco, using 100% organic flavors with homeopathic ingredients in an organic vegetable carrier liquid. Chose from Original Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla and Caramel. Additional flavors will be added monthly. If you have a request, just ask!

Choose Level 1 Flovor(s)

Classic Tobacco Level 1
Magnificent Menthol Level 1
Carmel Level 1
Vanilla Level 1